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Long Jetty Reno: Ep 5 - Let's stay in

19 October 2017


Three more rooms!

Kyal and Kara reveal a gorgeous media room,  the perfect study nook and a stunning guest bedroom. From humble cottage to Palm Springs oasis - get your inspiration fix here! 


So now we have two bedrooms done, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. 

We've set the tone and yeah we can move forward and be really excited with what's to come.  

I've used the same color that I've used in the front bedroom which is Taubmans Snow Olive.  I've gone all the way to the ceiling to really play on that height. The art is a gorgeous photograph of some sand dunes in South Australia.  

As a timber lover I'm a big fan of our entertainment unit.  It's got some really beautiful characteristics and grain.  The couch is a little bit of a different choice, it's something I haven't seen before and I fell in love with it straight away.

This room had to be multi-purpose so we've opted for a gorgeous soft sheer.  It does block out a bit of the light, but just a nice beautiful space that doesn't feel dark.  In most of our renovations we have timber floors everywhere but it's nice to have one living space which is just really nice luxurious carpet.  The carpet color is called oatmeal which is so fitting because I wanted to look nice and sandy but oatmeal is also a pretty accurate description of the color.  Tastes great too.

The study nook is sort of tucked behind a corner off the hallway and so it does catch people's eye a little bit so we want to make sure that it is beautiful.  We've got this beautiful shiplap patterned paneling so that is just a really nice texture to have on the desk.

In bedroom number three we've gone for the 900 Easyascot panels and painted them sisal rope, so it ties in with the rest of the house.  We've chosen some gorgeous linen sheets and a beautiful subtly textured doona cover and throw from Linen House. Funny how just a simple room with some nice color, you're layering bedding, and some art and stuff like that, and then it's transformed into a beautiful space that you can see yourself in.

We have finished bedroom one, two, three, the media room, and a large proportion of the hallway.  Don't forget the study nook.

Next episode - we have the biggest bathroom that Kara and I have ever created.  As well as that, we've got the laundry and powder room.

Coming up next on Long Jetty Reno, the bath weighs a hundred and eighty kilos.  No one can tell us we don't have enough storage.


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