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Planning a renovation with maximum impact

Turning an old or run-down house into a beautiful home is an accomplishment like no other.

Planning a renovation with maximum impact

16 July 2018

The satisfaction that comes with completing a renovation is what keeps us going back for more. It’s why we applied for ‘The Block’ all those years ago and why we continue to renovate our own properties and help others with their transformations. Turning an old or run-down house into a beautiful home for people to enjoy is an accomplishment like no other. There’s no denying that every dollar counts, so careful planning will ensure that no matter what your budget, you’ll achieve a renovation with maximum impact.

Light it up 

Lighting plays an important role in every home. To achieve the right mood for each room in your house, divide spaces into zones depending on whether you require functional lighting, mood lighting or both. 

Functional areas such as the kitchen require lighting to be positioned over working zones such as the benchtop. A lounge room requires the lighting to be relaxed and indirect. Warm white globes on a dimmer switch may be the perfect choice for creating ambience. A dining room may require lighting to be both functional and relaxed. Feature pendants that cast direct lighting over the table are a great choice, and again, a dimmer switch will assist in creating a relaxed mood. Pendants are also the perfect way to create a statement, add character or fill a void.  

Recycle and save 

More than ever we need to be making sustainable choices. Re-purposing building materials is not only a positive choice for the environment, but can also be a great way to get creative and save money. Timber is the perfect material to repurpose. Often timber that looks old and weathered on the outside merely needs a sand to take it back to its former glory. Whether it be a dining table, timber feature wall or coat rack, a piece that has been made new again is a fantastic talking point and a great way to create a home that’s unique to you. 

Create storage

Can you ever have enough storage?  At every moment of the renovation process, think about innovative ways to add storage. Utilising roof space for storage via an attic ladder is a great idea for storing items not used regularly such as Christmas decorations and camping equipment. Bench seats with storage and floating shelves are a great way of combining storage with style.  

Keep the flow 

Ensure your renovation flows by sticking to a consistent theme from room to room. We often refer to our ‘base palette’ as the choices that will remain the same throughout the home. This could be the flooring, architrave and skirting colour and the timber species used. It’s not to say each room needs to look the same, however some common features will assist in linking rooms and creating continuity. 

Take it from us, all of the planning and detail upfront helps ensure you will finish up with the best outcome - an amazing renovation with maximum impact!

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