• How to style your home so it feels like a holiday

    Tips and tricks to help you create a calm, welcome space that evokes inner happiness



    Whether your holiday vibe is an inner city luxe hotel or a coastal escape, it is all about the use of texture. 

    Mix your metals, glass, timber and a variety of textiles to create your own holiday look in your home

    We've all heard the saying 'less is more'.  It is so true. When you enter your guest room on holidays you'll find a gorgeous style bed and that is what you want to create in your own home. 

    I use a simple combination of your quilt and your sheet.  Add in four pillows and then find a throw in the same tones of your room.  Put a couple of throw cushions on and that will create that holiday feel for you. 

    When we go on holidays we don't want to be feeling disorganized. It's all about a calm mind. So when you think about your home, simplify the styling and allow that calmness to remain all year round

    Greenery is so important it can be simply allowing the view from your garden to be enjoyed inside, or grabbing some clippings fromthe garden and placing them in a vase in your living space

    Find your feel good thing. That thing that when you see it, you feel instantly relaxed. For me it is palm trees. For you, it may be the ocean or a certain colour. 

    Once you know what it is, incorporate it into to your home and that holiday feeling will be there every day.

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