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    Nikki McCarthy takes us on a tour of a recently renovated home with tips on how to plan and manage your renovation.


    So Matt.  Last time we were here, this home was fifty percent complete, and the purchasers bought it then.

    Did they want to make many changes?

    Yes.  There were a few things.  We're obviously a little bit restricted, given that the house was already partially constructed.  The floor plan couldn't be changed a great deal and any structural changes obviously couldn't be made, but as far as the fit-out, yes, there were a few items that they wanted to change.

    What floor plan suits most buyers do you think?

    I think having more than one living zone is very important. Especially for a young family.  The adults are able to get away from the children a little bit and also have some quiet time, which is a good feature as well.

    What other features are buyers looking for now?  Like walk-in pantries and walk in robes?

    Everyone wants the butler's pantry that they see on television and the walk in robes are a big selling point as well.  They have become as luxurious as the master ensuite now.  So yes, they're both very important.

    Do you encourage changes?  Is that something that's easy to do?

    Little ones are okay.  Anything that starts getting into things that are already constructed tend to have a few challenges associated with that.  So we try and limit them as much as possible.

    I really love this wall finish Sarah.

    How did you come up with it?

    Basically, when we first walked into the home all I saw was white walls.  And I said to Matt - Matt you have to do something about these walls.  And then I left it to Matt, and Matt's come up with this amazing texture.

    And what about the floors?  You chose the floors as well?  Very happy with those.  

    So Matt initially chose this floor board, but we wanted it on the staircase and throughout the whole house and in the bedrooms as well instead of carpet.  And they have been really really really good.  

    So Matt, if someone is looking to buy either off the plan or off market, that's something that's nearly complete, is it always so flexible in what they want changed?

    Look I guess it depends on the builder. Not every builder is going to want to change the floor plan or change anything about the house, so I guess it's part of the initial discussion with the vendor and whether they were willing to make some changes for you.


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    • Nikki McCarthy

      It was Nikki’s role on property show ‘On Display’ (CH9) that led her to residential real estate. She understands what it takes to get the best results when buying or selling a home having worked with developers and agents through the course of the show.

      Nikki is now living the dream and working closely with clients as she continues to pursue her love of all things property. It is her goal to work closely with her valued clients to achieve the best possible results when buying or selling their home.

      Nikki McCarthy

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