• Whether a first-time buyer or self-employed, a RAMS home loan has flexible options to make the loan work better for you.

  • Fast-track your purchase

    You could get into your home sooner and save on mortgage insurance 

    • Ideal for: First home buyers

      The support of family can be priceless when trying to grow that deposit to buy your first home. One option available is for a parent or sibling to provide a limited guarantee.

      How does this work?

      A guarantor simply provides RAMS with a guarantee (or security) for an amount equivalent to a certain percentage of the purchase price, supported by a mortgage over their existing property.

      The primary security for the mortgage will still be the property you intend to buy. To use a guarantor, you (the applicant) must be able to service the entire mortgage on your income.

      What this means for the borrower 

      • Where the LVR exceeds 85% evidence of 5% genuine savings is required.
      • Potential to save on lender's mortgage insurance costs. 

      What this means for the guarantor 

      • Only liable for the agreed amount under the guarantee (i.e. not the full loan amount) plus reasonable enforcement expenses
      • Not liable for scheduled monthly repayments
      • Can be released from the guarantee on application once LVR on the secured property falls below 80%. In exercising its discretion, RAMS takes into consideration the LVR and RAMS lending criteria applicable at the time. Fees apply. 

      What home loans are eligible?

      RAMS Fast-track using a guarantor is available on home loans for owner occupiers plus investors, as well as for construction purposes where a fixed price contract and plans are supplied.

      Note: Fast-track is not available for Line of Credit and Self-employed loans.

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  • Fees, conditions, limitations and lending criteria apply. Maximum LVR subject to loan serviceability.  1 The mortgage provided by the guarantor must either be a registered first mortgage, or a registered second mortgage behind an Australian Financial Institution provided the first mortgage does not secure a reverse mortage.  Other conditions apply.

    The borrower must also provide a mortgage over the property they are purchasing.