• Full feature home loan

    A home loan with loads of features - offering the ultimate in flexibility, parental leave options and a competitive rate.

  • Three reasons to choose this loan


    Save money by depositing your salary into the 100% offset transaction account


    Easy access to redraw on your home loan


    Potential to save on fees and discounted interest rate with our Value Advantage Package (conditions apply).


    • Interest rates - owner occupier (principal and interest)

      Interest rate p.a.

      Comparison rate* p.a.


      Interest rates - investor (principal and interest)

      Interest rate p.a.

      Comparison rate* p.a.

    • Variable rate - Principal and Interest

      Owner Occupier and Investor - Based on your Loan to Value Ratio being from 70%, up to 80%


      *Please note: The comparison rate for the relevant product is based on a loan of $150,000 over a term of 25 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

    • Minimum loan size


      Maximum loan size

      No maximum

      Owner Occupier Max LVR

      95%1 Principal and interest loan
      95%1 Construction loan with an interest only period of 24 months
      80%1 Interest only loan or construction loan with an interest only period greater than 24 months

      Investor Max LVR

      90% loans with principal and interest repayments2

      90% loans with interest only repayments and all construction loans2


      No minimum

      Loan Splitting


      Minimum $15,000


      Interest Only payments


      Yes - At Origination

      Yes - Post Settlement7. Fee - $295

      1 to 5 year and 10 year option3, 12

      Interest Capitalisation


      Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly Payments

      Weekly: Yes
      Fortnightly: Yes
      Monthly: Yes

      Extra payments

      Yes- no minimum

      Deposit methods

      Direct Debit, Salary Credit, BPAY®4, Bank@Post, myRAMS^

      Loan fixing

      No- at origination

      Yes- Post settlement

      Fee - $295

      Loan switching

      Convert to any Full Doc product. 

      Conversion fee - $295

      Repayment Holiday


      Debit card & chequebook


      Value Advantage Package Eligibility


      ATM/EFTPOS & cheque access free transactions


      25 free per month

      After free transactions: $2.00 for ATM9, $0.65 for EFTPOS and $0.90 for cheques.

      Statement frequency

      Every 3 months (monthly available)

      Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) premium payable by Customer

      When LVR is over 80%10

      Capitalisation of LMI premium up to

      95% if principal and interest loan and security property is owner occupied11
      95% where construction option is used with an interest only period of 12 months and security property is owner occupied11


      New loans only. Fees, conditions and lending criteria apply. Subject to RAMS normal lending criteria.

      ^myRAMS is not available to Companies and Trusts and is subject to systems availability.

      1 Maximum LVR on purchase price (or valuation if lower) of up to 95% for principal and interest (P&I) loans and interest only (IO) construction loans with an interest only period of 12 months.  Maximum LVR on purchase price (or valuation if lower) of up to 80% for non construction interest only loans or construction loans with an interest only period greater than 12 months. Funds to cover transaction costs required. Lenders mortgage insurance applies when LVR is >80%. If LVR >85%, evidence of 5% genuine savings required.  Maximum LVRs are inclusive of any capitalisation of LMI.  

      2 Maximum LVR of up to 90% on purchase price (or valuation if lower) for loans with principal and interest (P&I) repayments.  Maximum LVR of up to 90% on purchase price (or valuation if lower) for loans with interest only (IO) repayments and all construction loans.  Funds to cover transaction costs required. Maximum LVRs are inclusive of any capitalisation of LMI.  

      3 10 year IO option available for investment purposes only. 

      4 ®Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.  

      5 Not applicable on this product.

      6 Debit card not available to company borrowers. 

      7 Switch to interest only repayments is not permitted in the first 12 months of the loan.

      8 Value Advantage Package available on selected loans for customer with total RAMS eligible borrowings of $150,000 or more. Refer to the Value Advantage Package Brochure for Terms and Conditions. 

      9 Some institutions may charge a fee for use of their ATMs, payable in addition to any fee for transactions over free threshold.

      10 The RAMS Risk Fee is charged because of the increased risk to us due to the high LVR. Whether a Lender's Mortgage Insurance premium or a RAMS Risk Fee is payable will depend on the individual application. 

      11 5% deposit and funds to cover transaction costs are also required. Not available on some property types, loan purposes or locations and other conditions apply.   

      12 Not available for the purpose of owner occupied refinance, debt consolidation or equity release. 

      Value Advantage Package Conditions apply and are available at rams.com.au. Available for customers with total RAMS borrowings of $150,000 or more. No discounts apply where total customer borrowings is less than $150,000, and no interest rate discounts apply to an eligible loan while the interest rate is fixed. Total Customer Borrowings is calculated as the total credit limit for each existing RAMS home loan and any new RAMS home loan being applied for; however the discount only applies to the new eligible loan. There is no limit on the number of new eligible variable rate loans within a RAMS Value Advantage Package that can receive an interest rate discount. Annual fee, currently $375, applies. Unless we tell you otherwise, Package benefits cannot be taken in conjunction with, or in addition to other special offers, negotiated rates or discounts.


    • Application fee Fees charged to cover or partially cover the lender's costs of processing a loan approval for a home buyer$595
      Valuation fee

      First valuation is free!

      $220 for each additional valuation.

      Account keeping feeNo servicing fee
      Discharge fee $295 per loan account (plus legal and other associated costs incurred by us)
      Loan settlement fee $285

      • Take out a RAMS Value Advantage Package and save $$$ each year

        Take out a RAMS Value Advantage Package, and save $$$ each year with a discount on your home loan interest rate. More details

      • Arrange a deposit without touching your savings

        Obtaining a Deposit Bond through RAMS could help you secure your dream home by providing you with an alternative to finding a cash deposit before settlement. A Deposit Bond acts as a guarantee to the vendor, allowing the purchaser to pay the deposit amount (together with the balance of the purchase price) on the day of settlement (rather than funding a deposit up front/on exchange). In addition, a deposit bond could also save you the costs of obtaining bridging finance in order to pay your deposit. More details

      • You could buy your first home sooner and save on mortgage insurance

        The support of family is priceless and when they’re happy to act as guarantors on your property purchase, they could help you buy your home quicker than you thought and save you thousands in mortgage insurance. More details

      • Looking to build or renovate?

        For customers who intend to purchase land and build a new home, RAMS has developed a feature called 'RAMS Construction Option' which can be adopted on many RAMS full and low doc home loans. More details

      • Available on most home loans (excludes line of credit and fixed rate home loans).

        The RAMS Parental Leave option is available on most home loans (excludes line of credit and fixed rate home loans).  It allows you to reduce your principal and interest repayments by up to half on your eligible loan for up to 6 months – to a maximum of 12 months over the life of your loan.

        This option is available for eligible customers taking parental leave.

        More details

      • Bridge the gap between your old and new property

        RAMS Bridging Option could be just what you need to assist with the purchase of a new property whilst you’re in the process of selling an existing property. It eases the strain of purchasing your new property by bridging the finance gap whilst you wait to receive proceeds from the sale of your existing property. More details

      • Reduce the amount of interest you pay on your loan

        A Mortgage Offset arrangement links your Variable Rate loan with an Offset Deposit account, so that money you hold in your deposit account can reduce the amount of interest you pay on your loan.

        The more money you have in your offset account, the less interest you pay.

        More details

    • Thanks to some diligent saving and an unexpected small inheritance, professional couple Tanya and Matt found themselves with a deposit of almost $150,000 to go ‘shopping’ for their first home.

      Plus, they had a baby coming, so it had to be a home that would meet their growing needs.

      Financially, they’d operated separate bank accounts, but had a combined savings account for holidays. 

      RAMS says …

      After talking to their RAMS home loan specialist, Matt and Tanya decided the RAMS Full Feature home loan would be their best option. 

      It meant they could deposit both salaries into the loan’s offset account, which helps reduce their loan interest.

      Tanya and Matt also qualified for the Value Advantage Package too, where further interest savings and fee exemptions were available. 

      And with the loan’s transaction account inclusions, such as optional debit card giving them ATM access, and myRAMS^ convenience, the couple no longer needed to operate separate accounts.